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The DNA Blueprint for building Scalable and Maintainable iOS Apps

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Hey there 👋,

Are you an iOS Swift app developer who is:

  • Looking to improve your skills, so you can get to the next career level faster?
  • Struggling to pass interviews due to a lack of knowledge of scalable product best practices?
  • An avid reader but unsure of what direction to take or what to read next?
  • At the beginning of your career and trying to figure out what you should learn?

Then keep reading. 

This one-page PDF infographic is designed just for you!

This is the result of 13+ years of experience and expertise of building iOS apps, distilled into a single, easy-to-use resource that contains 10 different layers of skills to master & over 100+ concepts, platforms and principles.

Don't get blindsided by what you don't know exists!

In the world of iOS app development, there are countless techniques, tools, and best practices to choose from, making it difficult to know where to begin.

This can lead to scattered materials and confusion, hindering self-improvement.

You don't have to spend years of your career hoping to grow by reading random materials and having no clear direction.

All the guidance you need to focus your efforts is right here in this infographic.

This resource not only improves your app development skills horizon but also helps you advance in your career.

In today's tech industry, companies seek developers who can build high-quality apps that meet market demands.

Mastering the skills outlined can prepare you to work at bigger mobile development companies and advance your career as a developer.

Bigger payout, faster climb on the promotion ladder.

It's without a doubt that a single concept from this blueprint can be the catalyst to promote, as I have seen numerous times before.

Become a top iOS developer today by following this step-by-step roadmap specifically crafted to get you there in the shortest time possible!

Get this one-page PDF infographic today and start building better apps tomorrow!

What do people who got it have to share about it?

Dave (Senior iOS Developer) - "This reference chart is well categorized and provides a comprehensive list of technologies involved on the development of iOS applications. If you are looking for what to learn next, this is a good place to start."

Didik (Senior iOS Engineer) - "This roadmap is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to build high-quality iOS apps. It provides a list of technologies involved in iOS app development and helps you identify which skills you need and give you a clear direction to follow."

Burhan (Mobile Team Lead) - "An extensive collection of must-know topics for iOS developers"

Rachit (Tech Lead) - "The roadmap contains insightful content that can help anyone become a good iOS developer by following the recommended path. The step-by-step topics will help users learn in an effective way."

Attila (Senior iOS Developer) - "It's worth acquiring this document because it contains everything an iOS app should contain. It's like a checkmark: on what it's used and on which area should be improved in a project."

Min Yang (iOS Developer) - "This roadmap allows me to assess which skills I need and gain a clear understanding of the direction in which to learn"

Nouran (iOS Developer) - "Very useful and well-organised roadmap"

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You'll get a one-page PDF infographic detailing the steps, skills, and concepts necessary to learn or improve in order to build scalable and maintainable iOS apps

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The DNA Blueprint for building Scalable and Maintainable iOS Apps

25 ratings
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